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Hard and Deep Pounding of Ebony Model

Model: Evelyn
Length: 19 Minutes

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Until now, Evelyn has only done foot videos with me, but her ass was always a spotlight in her vids. I've been trying to persuade her to show that ass and she finally does it! She slides her Pink brand thong down to reveal her tight little pussy and asshole. When she bends over, the shape of her ass is shocking. I would have never guessed her ass was this perfectly round. She starts scrunching and flexing her soles so you get a great view of her ass and feet.Her ass in her foot videos was just too much for me to handle, and I really had to see it oiled up, spread open with no panties on. Something about Evelyn's skin color and the oil that makes this something you need to see! With Evelyn showing off her asshole in front of me, I started to get a massive boner. I couldn't stop myself from pulling it out and rubbing it on her big shiny ass. She didn't stop me so you know she was into it too. I Bring her to the side of the couch and lean her over to get a better angle. The feeling of rubbing my cock up and down her asshole made me even harder. Her soft, brown ass was all shiny and bouncing every time I slammed my dick against it. After flicking my cock in between her cheeks, I moved down to her pussy just to see what would happen. I only wanted slide my cock up and down her ass, but her pussy was so wet that the tip of my dick slid right into her without me even trying! She feels it go in and starts grinding on it until it's so deep inside. This was not supposed to happen during an ass fetish video, but once I felt her pussy around me, there was no way I could stop. It was really tight but I still made her take every inch. You can see how creamy she was, she must having being cumming on that dick already. I put the camera down so I can really hit it the way I wanted to. She leans over and I grab that ass and pound it like crazy. She's been teasing me in all these other videos and now I'm finally, somehow inside her. The way she moans had me ready to cum so easily, she almost made me a 1-minute man! I had her pinned to the side of the sofa and she couldn't get away from me thrusting it hard into her. It wasn't long before her ass gave me that tingling sensation throughout my cock. As I felt the semen rush out of my shaft, I pulled out and shot ropes of cum. We both came at the same time, you can see her grinding the couch as my cum landed all over her perfect ass. This is what happens when you a tease a man with his fetishes. The way she took it hard and deep is something you have to see!


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