Persuading Sierra


Persuading Sierra

Model: Sierra Grace
Length: 43 Minutes
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A foot modeling video goes wild after Sierra Grace agrees to show her soles for the camera. Sierra is an innocent girl from San Diego who wanted to try something new. She puts her feet on the table and scrunches her soles in your face. He asks if she would help with another type of video that involves her jerking his cock in front of her feet. She like the idea and stroked him until he was as hard as a rock. She got so turned on by the video that she got on her knees and stuffed his dick in her mouth. He talks her into stripping naked and bending over on the chair. He just wanted to rub his cock on her ass, but after sliding along on her pussy, he had to feel inside her. She leaned over and took all of his cock in doggystyle. She lays on the bed with her feet in the camera as he pounds her from the side. You can see her face as she tries to take his rough slamming. He feels himself about to cum so he has to pull out and try not to blast on her perfect ass. She straddles on top of him and bounces her soft ass on his dick. He feels his load cumming again and has to stop her before he erupts. There's about 5 times in this video that she makes him almost prematurely ejaculate. She lays back and puts her feet on his chest and lets him fuck her deep. He can't hold his spunk anymore and let's off a huge white load on her. She's never done a video like this. She just wanted to help with the foot video, but she ended up getting her wet pussy filled instead


Premium Member
Aug 19, 2020, 3:19AM
lol her pussy mustve been some fire
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