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The Dark Tight Asshole

Model: Kelsey
Length: 15 Minutes
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She was excited to show me her new tight pants. She sits on the couch sideways with her yoga pants and bra on so you can see her lovely slim figure. Then she stands up and pulls her pants up that are barely clinging onto her ass. She turns around and kneels on the couch with her ass poking out towards you. While she's leaning over you can see every hump in curve in her little body. Her back was a little stiff so she does that big stretch and her booty pokes out even more while she brings her head down. As she stretches, she keeps having to pull her leggings back up to cover up her ass crack. What a body on this one. She has a very small waist and a nice round ass. She bends over and slowly pulls down her leggings to show her pink lingerie lace panties. After modeling those, she pulls them down to show you her beautiful dark black pussy and puckered asshole. She came over right after work so it smelled a little, but I liked having it in my face. You can also see a bit of pussy juice, she says that taking her clothes of and showing her booty turned her on. Kelsey sits on the edge of a couch and bends over to expose her butthole. As she leans forward, her asshole opens wider, and wider. She presents her tight asshole for you to push your hard cock right into it. She gets all oiled up and lets the camera man pull her cheeks apart to prepare that ass for entry.
Male Actor: Dwayne Powers



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