Kat Lets Me Suck Her Toes


Kat Lets Me Suck Her Toes

Model: Kat

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Kat told me she had been walking around barefoot all day and I was able to see the proof when she took off her heels. The bottom of her feet had all kinds of dirt and grime from her long day. I had her lift up her sexy legs and put her stinky dirty soles high into the air. She wiggles, spreads, and scrunches her toes in various positions. I talked her into kneeling down on the floor while I gazed at her perfect dirty soles from behind. I'm glad she wore blue jean shorts that day. My mouth was watering from how much Kat was teasing me. In her first video, she stuck her feet and legs out while I sat there, needing them in my mouth. I convinced her to stick around and let me play with her feet. Watch her love every second of me massaging and licking her feet. At the end she sits and talks about what she thinks about guys with foot fetishes. For that part, she had no idea the camera was still rolling.


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