Ass Tease - Just The Tip


Ass Tease - Just The Tip

Model: Kat

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After finally getting Kat to do some nude modeling for me, my dick was super hard from seeing her bend over like that. I rubbed oil all over her ass to make it all shiny, which made me even more horny. While she was still bent over from the massage, I got behind her and put my cock between her cheeks. She didn't move away or stop me, so I kept rubbing it on her. She must have been horny too because she starts pushing her booty back on me and asked "Does that help?". I think she just wanted to get me off. Then she starts bouncing her ass and twerking while my dick grows large, wanting to go inside of her. I slide my pole along her clit and asshole, then I slide the very tip of it in and out her pussy. She didnt want me to go all the way in, she kept moving forward so I couldnt go deep. The stimuation of reaching only an inch inside of her was still enough to give me that tingling feeling. I climbed under her and slid my meat between her ass cheeks from the bottom. My cock was so hard that I couldn't help but slip into her pussy every now and again. Every time she feels it slip in, she raises up so I can't put it all the way in. I was about to cum so I pressed my dick between her ass and pounded her cheeks from the bottom until I couldnt hold it in. I shot a huge, oozing load between her thick ass. This is only an ass worship video, but there's a few moments where she lets me fuck her a lttle. She only wants to tease me.


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