Pretty Foot Model (Pictures)

Pretty Foot Model (Pictures)

Model: Lady Niki
Length: 0 Minutes
292 Photos


This lovely model 'Lady Niki' is very talented in style, glamour and overall sexiness. We were very lucky to shoot with her in her first nude foot model photoshoot! Along with that pretty face, she has bangin' body! She is thick in all the right places. Every time we pointed the camera at her she had another amazing pose to tease us with. Look at how amazingly delicious her sexy soles are. She grabbed the oil we had and poured it all over her pretty feet. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, she turned around and showed me that beautiful voluptuous booty. Trust me when I say her ass is as soft and fluffy as it looks. The way it bounces when she walks is unreal and will have you fiending to grab it. Imagine kissing her from those sexy toes all the way up to her tasty lips and gorgeous face! We took all the pictures we could of her awesome body.



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