New Ref Blasting Cum on Ghetto Black Soles
Blasting Cum on Ghetto Black Soles


Blasting Cum on Ghetto Black Soles

Model: Renee

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Renee let me film the bottom of her feet. She's this BBW chick that lives in another building. I told her I was doing a survey of girls around the area. She was more than happy to take off her thong sandals to let me see her soles. She's one of those meaty, top-heavy big girls, but I figured since her legs were big too, that it would be hot to see her bent over in front of me. She props her feet up on the table and talks about guys with foot fetishes. Then she gets on my bed with sticks her ass up in air and waves her feet up behind her. I tried to get her from all angles as she scrunches her toes back and forth. It's something about her skin tone compared to the bright color of her soles that makes my cock hard as fuck. Then I got her to turn over and bring her knees to her chest. Her massive boobs made it so that she couldn't bring her knees way up, but she tries her best to lift her feet up and show you those soles. With a big girl like this, all you can think about is burying your dick deep inside of her. While Renee's feet were in the air, I asked if I could rub some oil all over them so they will be all shiny. She props her feet back on the table and I start slathering and rubbing them with shiny oil. She starts giggling really loudly and when I looked back at her she was uncontrollably laughing. She says her feet are really ticklish and my hands made her laugh so much. Then she says "I can take it! I can take it!" As I continue to rub her feet, my cock starts swelling up and I just had to see what she would do if I pulled my cock out. She starts commenting on how nice it is and starts wiggling her toes. So I went right in and rubbed my dick in between her soles. She joined in on the fun and started clawing at my balls with her toes. As I felt the semen rush up to my cock, she presses her feet right up against that sweet spot under my balls, and for some reason, that made me blast a hot load on her feet. As my sticky white cum rolled down her soles, she kept scrunching her toes back and forth like she loved the feeling. She was a bit ticklish at first, but she knew exactly what to do to get that cum out of me.


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