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Behind The Scenes of Candy (Secret Video)

Model: CandyDrippH20
Length: 57 Minutes
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This is a secret, behind the scenes look at a massage/teasing video. Before the shoot, she agreed to ONLY take photos. Sometimes after a provocative massage, a model will give into temptation and let our camera guy massage her ass. She walks around in a black corset with her big brown ass showing to prepare for a photoshoot. You can see her pose in front of the kitchen and bedroom, wearing different kinds of lingerie. She puts her size 12 feet on the table and answers questions about her modeling work. You get a close-up her shiny ebony soles in your face. He convinces her to jack him off while her feet are close to the camera. She also bends over and lets him oil her nude ass while he tries to contain himself behind her. Candy only was there to model her lingerie, it just went a little further than expected. This video includes raw, unedited footage of Candy from various angles.
Male Actor: Dwayne Powers



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Man! Need more of her!
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Gotta bring her back
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