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Filling Up Her Mouth With Cum

Model: Prefix
Length: 22 Minutes
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She woke up to the sound of me playing with my dong and she wants to play with it too. Once she catches me with it out, she wants to have fun with it, and there's nothing I can do to stop her. She wants to do this ONLY to help me out. She know's I haven't cum for a very long time. Before I can say anything she comes over to my bed and pulls her bra off to reveal her small tits. Now I have a raging boner for her, and she wants me to feel her wet mouth around it. She bounces her head up and down on it and comments on how big it is. She starts jacking you off while sucking it at the same time. She wants to show you a trick that she does with her boyfriend so she hangs her head upside down off the edge of the bed and opens her mouth wide. I jam my cock straight to the back of her throat. I never knew she was this nasty. Cum and spit hangs down from her mouth as she tries to control this huge dick. But I don't care, I just keep pounding her mouth as hard and deep as you can. When she physically can't take anymore, she pulls it out of her mouth and starts jacking you off furiously. But, before I can stop her, I reach the point of no return. I can't stop yourself from cumming. She sees the face I'm making and immediately wraps her big lips around my tingling cock head. It's too late, I can't stop her from sucking every drop of cum from my dick. There's so much cumming out that it oozes out the side of her mouth. She teases me after I cum by gripping the head of the cock and making me wince and twitch. I'm still very hard and she enjoys squeezing every drop out.
Male Actor: Dwayne Powers



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