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Can You Handle The Hart Attack?

Model: The Hart Attack
Length: 36 Minutes
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Nicky The Hart Attack is here to show off her skills in this nasty, hardcore erotic fetish video. This MILF comes stacked with a crazy big booty and perfect perky tits that make her body live up to her name. She starts by shaking her ass for you against the wall. She's not here to play around, she gets right to business and starts fingering her asshole for you. She turns around to gives you jerk-off instructions while bouncing her huge tits in your face. You can see her squeeze her long nipples in a close-up view. She bends over on the bed to let the camera guy rub oil all over her ass. He starts spanking and smacking her booty while she's bouncing and twerking. She didn't mind him touching her, so he tries more things to see where things lead. He rubs her pussy, then puts a finger right up her ass. She was into all of it and starts moaning and begging him to go deeper. His cock gets hard while all of this is happening and he couldn't stop himself from coming up to her big ass and ram it inside her. He slams her ass hard until she's screaming for all the neighbors to hear. She turns around to see a huge cock in her face and immediately puts her mouth around it. He pushes her head all the way down to feel his cock down her throat. She gags and gasps for air but he keeps fucking her throat hard. She gets on top of him and teases his cock by rubbing it between her ass cheeks. When she put it in her pussy, he grabs her tight and pounds her hard from the bottom. Her booty bouncing on his hard cock is a sight you have to see. Afterwards, she lays on her back and starts playing with her clit. He wasn't done with her yet though, he climbs on top of her and puts his dick right in her pussy. While he's stroking her deep and slow, she can't help but squirt all over herself like crazy. He doesn't cut her any slack, he puts it right back in her and starts pounding it deep. He lays down beside her and starts playing with her pussy. He starts to slip it in her asshole to see how far she can take it. It's really tight but he keeps pushing it in inside of her. The feeling of her playing with her pussy and this guy's dick in her asshole made her let out a huge squirt again. The deeper he goes inside her ass, the harder his cock becomes. He feel he's about to cum, but he wants to smash that ass from behind one last time before he erupts. He puts a finger in her ass while banging her pussy from behind. She can't stop from squirting on his cock while taking every inch of pounding. He couldn't hold his cum any longer, the feeling of her massive ass slapping against him while he fucked her doggystyle made him shoot his load all over her ass. You owe it to yourself to see this big booty hottie get smashed hard in this nasty fetish video!
Male Actor: Dwayne Powers



Dwayne you the man man xD
Premium Member
Lol “I love big cock in my you ? “ Wayne’s like huhhhh?
Premium Member
Txt me now baby and we will go im picking u up and taking u straight to a motel and any back room and
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