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Behind the Scenes of Alexis Cuckold Girlfriend

Model: Alexis
Length: 15 Minutes
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The video with Alexis was one of the first ones I ever did, so there was a lot of awkward moments caught on film. You see a lot of me clumsily trying to figure out how I want her to position, while she patiently follows instructions. You see her sucking my cock many times between takes because I was so nervous with her. There's a position we try that I left out of the original vid because I couldn't quite hit it right, but you see it in this one. Also, I try to put it back in after doggystyle and almost go in the wrong hole. I was just a beginner at this porn thing and it shows with all these outtakes. Alexis fanatics will love watching her laugh and walk around nude in her first porn video. This footage is unedited as I put together everything that was left on my camera from what happened during the video shoot. If you're a fan of Alexis, and want to see some backstage filming of her, download this vid!
Male Actor: Dwayne Powers



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