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Cuckold Girlfriend With Pretty Feet

A friend/ex-coworker has one of the hottest girlfriends I’ve ever met. After many discussions about it, I finally convinced my friend to let his girlfriend model for my photography portfolio. After the photoshoot I convinced her to let me…

Alexis latina babe posing in front of window

Behind the Scenes of Alexis Cuckold Girlfriend

The video with Alexis was one of the first ones I ever did, so there was a lot of awkward moments caught on film. You see a lot of me clumsily trying to figure out how I want her to position, while she patiently follows instructions. You see her sucking my cock many…

Queenkarma69 tattooed bubble butt getting interracial anal doggystyle on chair

QueenKarma All Anal Bang

The feeling of my cock all the way inside her warm asshole is hard to describe. Being able to feel her butthole squeeze the very bottom of my shaft was something you can’t feel from vaginal sex. I love the way she moans as she tries to take it really deep…

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