Vikki’s Soles Covered in Oil

Model: Vikki

Dwayne Powers Members Only

Vikki said yes to modeling her feet for the DwaynePowers website. She sits on the bed with her toes out. She had just come from gardening in her yard so you can see grass and crud on her soles. She spread her toes far apart and scrunches them back and forth. She didn’t bother to get a pedicure and you can tell. By the smell of her feet, it was apparent that she’s been walking around all day barefoot. She lies flat on her stomach to give you a good view of the bottom of her feet. She then, gets on her knees to show you how her ass and feet look together. She continues to scrunch and flex her soles while he pours oil down the bottom of her feet and lets it drip. Out of nowhere, she starts talking about how she used to do porn and was in bukkake videos with huge cocks and how this was a cakewalk compared to that stuff.
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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