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Chocolate Ass and Foot Tease

Model: Mocha
Length: 25 Minutes

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If you can't get enough of Mocha, she's back in a new vid and she does a little of everything in this one. She starts by showing you those tasty looking feet on the edge of the bed in her jeans. She scrunches, points and spreads them in front of your face and in many positions. I told her I wanted to see more of that ass, so she takes off her jeans and bends over. You get a crystal clear HD close-up of her asshole and booty from the back. Something about her dark brown ass and her bright colored soles hanging off the bed makes her look so sexy. Mocha brings her hands back and pulls her butt cheeks apart so you can get a better view of her pink pussy and butthole. I just couldn't sit and watch, so I start groping and massaging her ass. She didn't stop me so I kept going further. I start kissing and licking her asshole, and worked my way down to her pussy. She wasn't expecting any of this, but I can tell she was into it. Her pussy was wet before I even touched it, and she was gripping the sheets like she needed it. My roommate kept walking around my door, so she was trying her best to be quiet, but I didn't stop until I could hear her moaning. It was only supposed to be a soles video, but I wanted to see what she tasted like, and I got my wish. After feeling Mocha's pussy on my tongue, I wanted to feel it on my cock. She's always been a mega dick tease, though. She climbed on top of me and rubbed her pussy against my cock, but it was only to tease. I wanted to put it inside her so bad, but she denied me every time I tried. I slide my cock up and down her ass cheeks while she moves her ass up and down. Then she turns around and lets me rub my cock on her ass while from behind. I asked how far she could reach behind her, and she grabbed my cock and started stroking me with her hands against her ass. As if that wasn't enough, she put her feet on the base of my cock and stroked me hard. Now you see her beautiful brown ass, sexy soles, and hands all pleasing my cock. The color combination of her bright yellow soles, chocolate brown ass all oiled up while jerking off a BBC will overload your senses visually, and sexually. The way she rocked back and forth against my cock made me shoot a nice load, imagining I was deep inside her. Sure, it was only an ass tease, but if you have and ass or foot fetish, you need to see this Mocha video!



That girl is perfect
Mocha is the best!!
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Alternative Video Titles: Assjob from Sexy Black Girl (Mocha) - Rubbing Black Cock on Oiled Ebony - Sexy Brown Ass and Feet Teasing - Beautiful Black Babe Assjob - Eat Her From The Back - Ebony Pussy Eating From Behind - Black Feet and Pussy Eating - Eating Her From The Back
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