You Are NOT Allowed To Put It Inside Me


You Are NOT Allowed To Put It Inside Me

Model: Mocha
Length: 15 Minutes
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I offered Mocha an oily massage since she her ass was already in the air from her last video. She was fine with it, so I grabbed the oil and squirted it all over her. I groped and squeezed her perfect ass. I told her she was making me hard and I needed to cum. She told me she would let me use her ass any way I wanted, but I wasn't allowed to put it inside of her. She kept me in a state of blue balls as I slid my cock in between her ass. Then I tried to put it in her pussy and you can see her pull away, reminding me that I don't deserve to get inside that warm wet hole. What a tease! This girl's body is so sexy though, I didn't need much to cum. I'm not sure why but the sensation made me hard as a rock. She starts bouncing her big ass back on my dick like she wanted me to cum. I couldn't handle that for long, I painted her brown oily ass with my thick white semen. This beautiful ebony chick teased the hell out of me, but I couldn't stop myself from using her ass to blow my load.


John Doe
Jun 03, 2020, 6:45PM
More scenes with Mocha bro..
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