Rubbing Her Black Ass

Model: Lexy
Length: 20 Minutes
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Lexy walks around to the couch in her loose hanging dress and kneels over. Her short tights show off her beautiful legs and ass. She waves her ass back and forth while her feet hang off the couch. This is going to be the most perfect black ass you will see all day. Her slim body is built for porn and sex. The only fat you see is on her nice firm ass. As she takes her panties off, it becomes evident how her ass cheeks poke out around her ass crack. It really makes your mind immediately think about banging her from behind. She has a cheetah spot tattoo running all the way down her right leg, and some tats on her shoulders to show how submissive she is. She flips over and puts her feet in the air and shows you her shaved thick pussy. It makes you want to put your tongue deep inside her just to see what it tastes like. This was only supposed to be a nude modeling video, but she was starting to get turned on by being filmed this way. She asks the camera guy: Can I play with my pussy? He teases her by saying no. After a while of tormenting her, he lets her do it. She starts rubbing her thick wet pussy in a way that she likes. There's a Super High Definition close-up of her black pussy being opened and her clit being stroked. She jumps down on the floor and opens arches her back to show you her pretty, tight asshole. She couldn't help but play with herself some more while she spread her butthole open with the other hand. This is probably the greatest ebony body on DwaynePowers so far, and you will want to get down and worship her beautiful ass. After teasing all that ass and pussy, the guy filming her couldn't contain himself. With a body like her's there was no way he was just going to sit and watch. He sat the camera down and started rubbing her ass. This was only supposed to be a solo vid, but he had other thoughts. She didn't stop him when he started rubbing oil all over her ass. He was rock hard and she had him so entranced that he started rubbing his cock on her asshole. As their two bodies banged together you can hear a loud SPLAT! each time they slammed. All you see is ebony feet, ass, and assholes bouncing all over the place while they enjoyed the feeling of each other's bodies sliding against each other.


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