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Making You Cum Over My Feet

Model: Mocha
Length: 15 Minutes
18 Photos

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Mocha puts her soles up on the table for another foot modeling shoot. Her roommate was in the other room, blasting music. The cameraman splashes oil all over her feet to make them gloss. He was so horny looking at her feet, he couldn't help but take his cock out and start jacking off in front of her. As he walks up to her with a raging hard-on, she just sits back and gazes at his dick. She makes a face at his cock like she wanted to see what happens next. She continues to scrunch and wiggle her toes in front of him while he stroked his cock. He wanted to feel her hands so he walks up to her face. She grabs his cock and gives him an oily handjob. She has complete control of him through his penis. She laughs at his grunts and asks "Feels good?" while stroking it hard. This is the closest the cock has been to her face. She can't stop looking up to see his face every time he makes a sound. Long strings of precum from his cock sticks to her feet. She grabs him with both hands and also plays with his balls. He can't hold his semen in any longer. As he launches a thick wad of cum, she squeezes out every drop of it onto her feet.


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