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Mocha 'Not Cheating' on Her Boyfriend

Model: Mocha
Length: 18 Minutes

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Mocha came to my apartment to get a massage after a long day's work. She wanted a full body rub, so she got completely naked and laid flat in front of me. I massaged oil all over her legs and up to her ass. My cock was getting hard just from seeing her touching her chocolate body. I had her climb on top of me and straddle my dick. She has a boyfriend so I knew I couldn't put my dick inside of her, even though it was rubbing right against her wet pussy. She didn't want to cheat on her boyfriend, but she was liked the feeling of our private parts sliding against each other. I splashed more oil on her ass and rubbed her pussy and asshole with my dick, from the outside. She puts her legs flat on the bed, and lets me bang my cock between her thighs. This is an advanced legjob technique that I've never tried before. After feeling the friction of her pussy on my cock, I had to let out a load on her ass. She bends over on the side of the bed, and I let my sperm fly and completely cover her ass and feet. Would you call this cheating? I never actually put my penis inside of her. It was only rubbing and grinding. If her boyfriend asks if she fucked anyone else, she can say no.



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Alternative Video Titles: Is This Cheating? - Ebony Not Cheating on BF - What Position Is This Called? - Teasing His Cock With Her Ass - I Don't Want To Get Pregnant - I Just Want To Feel You - Ebony Barefoot Outercourse - Black Couple Fetish Foreplay - When You Want to Fuck, But Can't - Ebony Teases His Cock - Ebony Tantric Teasing Outercourse - Extra Sexual Body Massage - Ebony Assjob Fetish - Black Couple Ass Rubbing - A Black Foot Fetish Dream - Ebony Barefoot Assjob
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