New Ref She Tugged My Cum Out
She Tugged My Cum Out


She Tugged My Cum Out

Model: MW

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I convinced M.W. to come back to my apartment and show me her feet. I really wanted a footjob from her, but I wasn't sure how to ask. So I told her that I wanted to take a video of her feet while she's laying on her stomach. I took my cock out while she wasn't looking, and laid down under her. Her feet were already touching my feet so she decided to go along with it! She wrapped her toes around my cock and stroked me while I continued to get rock hard. It was an awkward moment for both of us, but I just couldn't help it. She really started to get into squeezing my cock. She turned around because she's never really seen herself giving a footjob and wanted to see it. She stroked my hard cock until my cum oozed out. She laughs at me because she's never down anything like this.


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