Teasing a BBC With Her Asshole

Model: Sprinkles

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98a81d7ab5b087a50f26ea970d89f166Dwayne Powers Members Only

Sprinkles sits on a chair and opens her asshole even more. The chair makes her plump sit a really fuckable angle. She starts to get turned on by squeezing her ass cheeks and spreading her ass open. She reaches under again fingers herself. It’s a really close-up High Definition view and you can hear every sound coming from her pussy. She then lays flat on the floor and begins spreading her ass some more. You get a really good view of her hot body and lovely feet. She wanted to show me how flexible she was by doing a “table” yoga pose. What a fun girl! Too bad she has a boyfriend. She started blasting music from her phone because it made her feel more comfortable. I asked if I can touch her ass and she says “sure”. I grope and feel up her ass while she dances on the floor. While she wasn’t looking, I bring my face down and kiss her asshole. She didn’t stop me so I went further and started rubbing my cock all over her pussy and ass. I was surprised that this hottie let me go this far! I think she liked it. Her boyfriend would be pretty fucking angry if he saw what she was doing. She let me kiss, sniff and hump her asshole.
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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