Kim BBW Interracial Wife Bang

BBW Interracial Wife Bang


This is my long time friend's wife who knows I have a foot fetish. I told her my name was Dwayne Powers and she said...who? I only wanted to get some pictures of her feet, but one thing led to another and it went way further than I imagined...

Naiya Between Naiya's Cheeks

Between Naiya's Cheeks


Since she was OK with him spreading her ass open, he tries even more nasty things on her. He pulls out his dick and starts rubbing it on her ass crack. As his erection gets rock solid, you can see his pre-cum sticking to both of them. She c...

Jen BBW Thigh Humping - Cum on Panties

BBW Thigh Humping - Cum on Panties


Jen puts her feet up on the table and let's a BBC rub his cock between her toes. Her feet are very calloused so it created a rough sensation on his penis. Good thing her feet were all oiled up. He asks her if she could help him out by using...

Kay Fucking a Mature Ebony Asshole (ANAL)

Fucking a Mature Ebony Asshole (ANAL)


After her last video, she agrees to get on top of our camera man and wiggle her ass cheeks on his cock. He was about to cum, but he got the idea to ask her to bend over. After rubbing his cock across her asshole, he asks her if she's ok wit...

Kat Kat Lets Me Suck Her Toes

Kat Lets Me Suck Her Toes


My mouth was watering from how much Kat was teasing me. In her first video, she stuck her feet and legs out while I sat there, needing them in my mouth. I convinced her to stick around and let me play with her feet. Watch her love every sec...

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