Stick Your Tongue Down My Asshole

Model: Evelyn

Dwayne Powers Members Only

I got Evelyn to come back for another video. I can’t get enough of her perfect body and ass. She sits with her ass hanging off the chair in a pink thong. She reaches back and spreads her thick cheeks apart. This wouldn’t be a DwaynePowers ass fetish video without seeing her asshole. She slips her panties down and squeezes her ass, exposing that pretty butthole. Then she climbs on top of the chair so that her feet are hanging off the side. You get a great visual of her round booty and ebony soles. Of course, I couldn’t help but grope and squeeze her ass from behind while she modeled for me. She didn’t stop me so I tried something else, too. With her bare naked ass in front of me, I had to lean in and kiss it. I put my lips right in between her warm ass crack. As I kept grabbing her butt, I got closer and could feel the warmth of it on my face, and I had to put my mouth on it again. This time, I went straight into her asshole with my tongue. I think she liked it because she didn’t move and let me put it deep inside her. Evelyn asshole tastes so good, I had to grab her hips and press my tongue even deeper. You can hear it make a squishy sound every time it slipped in and out of her hole. She was such a trooper about letting me tongue fuck her after she modeled for me.
Dwayne Powers Members Only


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