Sprinkles Exposing Her Feet and Holes

Model: Sprinkles

DwaynePowers-Sprinkles-A-HD 12
Sprinkles Exposing Her Feet and HolesDwayne Powers Members Only

I found this model’s fashion pictures online and instantly got a hard-on. I contacted and persuaded her to do a fashion photoshoot with me. After the photoshoot, I somehow got her to take her clothes off and model nude for me. She lays back and exposes her tight pink holes. We launch into a conversation about foot fetishes, what she thinks about other weird fetishes, and a funny story about nose fetish. She lifts her feet high into the air, opening her pussy even more. She also starts waving and scrunching her feet. You get to see a close-up of this model’s wide open asshole and tight pussy too. There is a lot of talking, so you can mute it if you don’t want to hear me talk with her. I was lucky as hell to get this model to show me her pussy!
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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