Latina Feet Size 11 on Puerto Rican Teacher

Model: Kristy

latina-feet-size-11-on-puerto-rican-teachersize-11-puerto-rican-teacher-solesDwayne Powers Members Only

Kristy is one of those Puerto Rico women with an extremely hot body and her feet are long and slender. Her toes are also long and almost as like fingers. She told me about how she can pick up everything with her Latina feet. We also talk about her age, foot size, and hobbies. She shows off the tattoos on her long sexy legs. She’s been walking around all day and was glad too finally take off her high heels. She puts her beautiful Latina feet in front of her and does alot of toe spreading, wiggling and scrunching. Her toes are really flexible and long. It’s to see them wiggling in front of you. Kristy is definitely one of the hottest girls I’ve ever recorded!
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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