Rubbing Her Black Ass

Model: Lexy

rubbing-her-black-assrubbing-her-black-assDwayne Powers Members Only

After teasing all that ass and pussy, the guy filming her couldn’t contain himself. With a body like her’s there was no way he was just going to sit and watch. He sat the camera down and started rubbing her ass. This was only supposed to be a solo vid, but he had other thoughts. She didn’t stop him when he started rubbing oil all over her ass. He was rock hard and she had him so entranced that he started rubbing his cock on her asshole. As their two bodies banged together you can hear a loud “SPLAT!” each time they slammed. All you see is ebony feet, ass, and assholes bouncing all over the place while they enjoyed the feeling of each other’s bodies sliding against each other.
Length: 17 minutes
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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