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The feeling of my cock all the way inside her warm asshole is hard to describe. Being able to feel her butthole squeeze the very bottom of my shaft was something you can’t feel from vaginal sex. I love the way she moans as she tries to take it really deep. I had her get on top for some reverse cowgirl anal. She was trooper because she bounced on it wildly with no hesitation. She twisted and grinded on my dick like she didn’t mind I was all the way in her ass. I grabbed her and and gave her a hard anal pounding from the bottom. Her tits bouncing while she takes each rough stroke. I opened that ass from behind to reveal that asshole. Her ass bounces on my cock while I fuck her doggystyle. Then we moved over to the bathroom and you can get a great view of the penetration. Watching my thick dick slide in and out of her butthole almost made me cum. So, I pulled it out you can see the massive gape I stretched out for her. Her asshole is so inviting, I had to stick my finger deep inside just to see how it feel and she didn’t mind. I kept putting my cock back in and all the way out just to feel that moment of penetration over and over. Then, I started slamming my dick in her to her hear moan and scream. We came back to the bed and I put her legs on my shoulders in missionary so I could fuck her as deep as I could. There is a good view of us from behind while I’m roughly pounding her in missionary. She gets on top of me in my favorite anal position: Anal cowgirl. Basically when the girl squats down on the dick and you get a good view of her ass. QueenKarma’s ass is unbelievable. When you see it riding my cock, you’ll be in amazement. I also like grabbing their ass in this position and ramming it up that ass. I was ready to cum, but I wanted to shoot it all over her booty. She stick her ass out over a chair and offers up that butthole again. I used that hole as my personal fuck toy until my cock head got all tingly and couldn’t hold it in any longer. As I pulled it out, my cum instantly blasted all over her ass. I put it back in as I was still cumming to feel that anal sensation while my cock was super sensitive. I love stretching out buttholes, especially if they’re as hot as QueenKarma.
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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