Puerto Rican Booty Takes a Long Pole

Model: Stacey

Dwayne Powers Members Only

Our camera man can never contain himself. She let him pour oil all over her ass while she was still bent over. He takes out his cock and starts sliding it up and down her asshole and cheeks. The shocking part is that she liked it! You can hear her tell him many times to just start fucking her now! He finally says OK and sticks his rod deep into her warm wet pussy. As soon as he enters, you can hear a sigh of relief from her. He bangs her roughly while she cums wildly on his BBC. You can tell both of these two have not had sex in a long time. They have a very intimate moment while she’s riding him. He can’t take it anymore and shoots his load all over her lovely ass. We let them go at it and you can feel the love between them.
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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