Pregnant Wrinkled Feet of Ebony Beauty (Pictures)

Model: Beauty

Beauty was 6 Months Pregnant when she came into the DwaynePowers bedroom. She told me to hide her face because she didn’t want her newly-wed husband to know she was doing this. She was tired from walking around all day on those pregnant wrinkled feet of hers. Her tits were bursting out of her lingerie. She couldn’t wait to take her tight clothes off and show me that extremely wet pussy. She said she is always super wet and her nipples are really sensitive. I wanted to slide my cock into that Dripping Wet Pussy just to see what it feels like. She didn’t let me do it because of her marriage, but maybe she will when she comes back. CHeck out all pics of those Wrinkled FeetĀ and preggo juicy black pussy.

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