Oiling Up A Massive Black Booty

Model: Renee

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After her previous you know I had to do it. I brought her back to my room to try to get her to show that ass. I told her that I was doing a massage research video. It was a super lame excuse but it got her to return. She jumps on the bed and pulls down her tights. I couldn’t tell from the outside but her booty is massive! Her body is about 70% ass. She bends all the way over while I record her big ass from all angles and of course…barefoot. She reaches back and grabs her ass, but her ass is so gigantic that she cant reach her arms all the way around. If you are a fan of Mz Brown Sugar from my website, you’ll love this one too. She’s a bit darker, but her booty still takes over the room. The only problem is she was super ashy. After seeing her bounce wiggle that ass around, I told her to hold still while I splashed her booty with oil. That thang is so huge that she used almost half a bottle! It was a task, but I manned up for the job and got her slathered. I massaged her SSBBW booty and legs until she was all wet and shiny. She loved all of it, she just layed there with her ass high in the air, letting me squeeze her booty how I wanted. If you want to see a massive shiny barefoot barefoot ass take up your entire screen, you need to watch this video.
Dwayne Powers Members Only


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