Nervous Mixed Girl’s Sweaty Feet

Model: Stacey

MVI_5144 038
Nervous Mixed Girl's Sweaty Feet
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She came over to do some modeling for me, but I had other plans once we were done. I asked her if she ever met anyone with a foot fetish. She says yes and she thinks it’s cool. When I asked if I can see her feet, she game a weird look, then said “Sure, I guess” She pulled her feet out of these closed shoes with no socks. She’d been walking around with them all day and this was the first time she got to take them off. When she took them off, I could see the sweat shining of the top of them. There was a smelly whiff of feet that quickly rose from them. I asked: “Can I record them?” As soon as she said yes, I ran and turned on my camera and go really close to the bottom of her feet. She started getting nervous and I had to have a conversation with her just to calm her down.
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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