Nerdy Girl’s Oiled Soles

Model: Monica

Dwayne Powers Members Only

Monica was hanging out at the office of my apartment complex. The central air at her place was out and she was waiting to talk to someone. She was wearing these tiny green shorts and I had to say something. I talked her into coming back to my place. We talked about foot fetish and she said she was fine thought it was kinda weird but she was intrigued. That’s when I took out the camera and the oil! She put her soles in front of me and started scrunching them. She can spread her toes really wide too. She drips a bunch of oil down her feet and spreads her toes in the air while we continue the conversation of foot fetish. She lays down and bends over so you get a good view of her ass and legs. Her skin is pale and her feet turn pink when she’s been walking on them. This is something I’ve always noticed about pale white girls. If you’re a leg and soles man, be sure to check this one out!
Dwayne Powers Members Only


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