My Neighbor Oils Her Feet

Model: Harley

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I finally worked up the nerves to tell my elderly neighbor that her feet are pretty and asked if I could see her toes. After I saw them, I asked if I could take a video of them. She said “Yes, I can help you!”. I had her sit on my bed and take her slippers off. I was so surprised at how much she was letting me see. I started instructed her to put her feet in the air and pour some oil all over them. She rubs and massages the oil into her toes and soles. She then lays back and starts rubbing her feet into each other. All of the oil made her feet extra slippery. You can hear them make that famous wet oily noise as she massages her wrinkly feet together. She also does some toe scrunches and stretching.
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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