MW Teases Me With Oil

Model: MW

MWADwayne Powers Members Only

M.W. is a co-worker of mine who always walks around the office with her shoes off. I told her how pretty they are and she said she wishes she could put them to good use. I told her I was doing an educational school project on women’s feet. She said she should let me record her feet, only if I don’t use it to jack-off while watching. I told her I’d only use it for my project and show nobody else. She has no idea that I watch this video an fantasize about tasting her smelly feet. MW continued to tease me with her huge feet. She pours oil all over and rubs them together. Her toes can open up really wide and she can scrunch them to make really deep wrinkles. She knows I have a foot fetish and she teases me because I can’t touch her. I told her the video was only for a school project. I’m still happy I worked up the nerves to invite her over.
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