Mocha Toe Wiggling in Thong Panties

Model: Mocha

Dwayne Powers Members Only

Mocha lays back in her panties and puts her soles right in your face. She wiggles her toes back and forth with black toenail polish. She holds the scrunch so you get a good view of the top of her toes and lovely, long legs. She oiled up her soles so they’re all shiny and wet. She stacks them on top of each other and continues to scrunch. The color of her dark brown skin contrasts with her yellow soles perfectly. She turns around to let you see her perfect round ass in her lace thong panties. The combination of her ass and feet are always addicting to stare at. As the camera gets closer, you can see that the area around her asshole is a little hairy. As she leans over a bit more, she starts twerking a little bit. She’s never really tried twerking or dancing for anyone. She tries to bounce each cheek separately, but she says she needs to practice that more to learn. It’s still a sight to see her try it in her thong with her feet out.
Dwayne Powers Members Only


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