Kat Returns to Show Ass and Feet

Model: Kat

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Kat makes a much requested return to DwaynePowers. She sits and chats about what she’s been up to while her feet are in your face. She talks about her shoe size and painting her own nails. There’s alot of toe scrunching and flexing in this video. I have her lay on her stomach and with her feet out and wiggling her toes in front of the camera. She has on these really small short so you can see how thick her legs and thighs have gotten lately. This can’t be a DP video without some ass being on display. She gets up and bends over to give you give a great view of her big booty over her sexy soles scrunching. This is only supposed to be a foot modeling vid, but you already know I had to try to get her to do more. I ask her to pull her pants down so I can get a better view, so she takes her shorts and her panties off. Now when she bends over you get a view of her pussy and asshole. I got a close-up of her clit piercing as well. Kat was one of the first models that I started my website with. If you’ve always wanted to see her nude, now’s your chance!
Dwayne Powers Members Only


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