Jei’s First Time Fuck on Camera

Model: Juicy Jei

Dwayne Powers Members Only

The photographer was getting a hard-on and couldn’t control himself while watching Jei pose in front of him. While she was bent over, he comes behind her to press his dick against her ass. She wasn’t offended by it, and started bouncing her ass on his cock. He pulls his cock out and puts it between her cheeks. Her soft juicy ass made him super hard. He starts playing with her pussy with the tip of his dick. He could feel how wet she was, and starts pushing it into her. She’s really tight so he has to go in and out slowly. He starts to fuck her hard and she takes it rough like a good girl. You get a HD close-up of them in doggystyle. He moves her to the middle of the bed and puts the camera down so her can grab her and fuck like he really wants to. She grabs his arm while he bangs her even harder. She has a really nice big ass, you see it bounce against him every time he slams against her. She lays down on her side with her feet in the camera, while he fucks her from the side. He strokes her really deep in this position to see how far she can take it. The sound of her moaning almost makes him cum, but he wanted to fuck her from the bottom before erupts. She climbs on top of him and continues to take every inch. He grabs and spreads her ass cheeks while banging his cock hard into her. She starts to take control by bouncing up and down on his shaft. The way her ass bounces is a sight you have to see. He can’t hold his cum in much longer. He grabs her to really pound it as hard and fast as he could until he pulls it out and shoots a heavy load on her ass. This is her first time fucking in on camera and she did a good job taking a pounding.
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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