Hole Exploration of Mocha Sex Doll 4000

Model: Mocha

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These sex dolls are getting more realistic these days and I couldn’t help but get one modeled after Mocha from DwaynePowers.com. I put it on the table with it’s ass and feet hanging off the side so you can get a clear view of the excellent body shape in a thong. It listens to every command, so I told her to take off her thong and spread her ass cheeks. You get a super close High-Definition view of her asshole. I guarantee you haven’t seen an asshole shot with this much detail. You can see every hair and inch of her butthole crystal clear! Her asshole is twitching and squeezing while she tries to keep her balance on the table. This ebony sex doll is super life-like and talks. You can hear her ask me about shaving her asshole hair. We have a conversation about it like she’s a real girl. I start spreading her ass cheeks with my hands to give you a better view far into her dark hole. Then she starts squeezing her butt-hole tight in and out, like she’s ready to feel your cock inside. I have her turn around and put her feet in the air. She follows directions really good. I touch her pussy and say “Massage Here” and she follows my orders. Her pink pussy looks so real and it’s really pretty. I tell her to spread it open and she gives you a long look at her pink insides. I should have bought one of these sex dolls sooner. This doll won’t replace the real Mocha, but it followed directions like a good girl, and is ready to let you use all her holes!
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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