Cum on My Soles From Behind

Model: Vikki

Dwayne Powers Members Only

Since she was laying on her stomach, she couldn’t see him pull out his cock behind her. He starts rubbing his cock on her super soft soles, but she doesn’t stop him. His cock slid in between them like he was fucking her soles. He asks if she’s ever seen any foot fetish videos or anything like this. She talks about how she sends her friend pics of her in socks just to tease him. This casual conversation is going on as if nothing else is happening. She puts her ass in the air while letting him fuck her feet. She didn’t want to touch his cock with her hands because they just met. He strokes his rod while staring at her ass from behind. She then bends over the side of the bed with her soles hanging off the edge. She had no problem letting him jack himself off while he held the side of her ass. He was imagining pounding her doggystyle, then his cock began to jump and jerk uncontrollably. He was trying to hold his cum, but a huge glob of it shoots out all over her soles and the side of the bed.
Dwayne Powers Members Only


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