Big Booty Tricked Into a Hard Fuck

Model: Jade

Dwayne Powers Members Only

Jade lets the camera man oil her up and spread her butt cheeks, but she had no idea that she was about to get banged. She let him do his favorite thing: slide his dick up and down her ass. He accidentally slips his cock in her pussy and she yells “OUCH!” He apologizes and tries again after rubbing her ass some more. This time he pushed his big dick all the way inside her. Her pussy let out a big fart sound! I guess people call this queefing. Every time he inserted his rod, her big pussy let out that loud queef sound. He lays down and tells her to get on top of him. She says “NO, I’m not making a porno with you!” She was only there to do a little modeling. But he convinces that big booty to climb on top of his cock. He pounds her until her huge ass milks every last drop of cum out of him. This was not supposed to happen but he sure is happy it did.
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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