Between Naiya’s Cheeks

Model: Naiya

Dwayne Powers Members Only

Since she was OK with him spreading her ass open, he tries even more nasty things on her. He pulls out his dick and starts rubbing it on her ass crack. As his erection gets rock solid, you can see his pre-cum sticking to both of them. She climbs on top and allows him to rub his dick on her pussy from the bottom. He taps and touches her clit with the tip of his cock, while humping her as if he’s fucking her from underneath. She lays on her side and sticks her ass out to let him slide his cock between her ass cheeks and thighs from the side. The sensation from her massive ass slapping against him while his penis was being squeezed by her legs made him get super hard. Sometimes during these ass worship/fetish videos, the guy’s cock accidentally slips inside her pussy, especially when she’s really wet like Naiya was. When he feels it slip in, he can’t help but push it deep inside her a few times before he takes it. This is only supposed to be an ass rubbing video, so no fucking is allowed. She lays flat and he strokes his cock between her ass cheeks while on top of her. Then, he blasts of a white, thick load of cum on her ass and back.
Dwayne Powers Members Only


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