Amazing Ebony Taking Off Her Leather Leggings

Model: Mocha

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I’m still shocked Mocha came back to do a vid another video with me. The last time she was here, she left me squirming with my cock between her palms. In this one, she bends over and shows me that ass that I’ve been waiting to see. Seeing her lean over in these tight faux leather pants really shows off how perfect her body is. She’s got an itty bitty waist and an ass that makes you think only of doggystyle. I wasn’t sure what she would say, but I asked if she could take her bra off. Without saying anything, she reaches back, unhooks her bra and lets them fall. She didn’t want me to see the front part of her because she says she wants to wait, but you still get a good view of her boobs from the side while she bends over. She starts bouncing back and forth as if she knows how to ride a dick the right way. After seeing her ass behind those pants, I took it even further and told her it would help me get a better view if she pulled her pants down. As she pulled them down, her g-string and brown ass made cock hard immediately. I couldn’t help but ask her to pull off the g-string too. She was so nice, she slid them down so you can see her ass and pussy. Her pussy looks super tight. I had her lay down flat so you can see her long legs spread out and imaging climbing on top of her. I then had her get back on her knees and spread her legs. Watching this hottie move back and forth from behind will make you hard as a rock. Something about her brown skin, yellow soles, and perfect body makes with video hot as hell!
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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