Why I Love Anal

      I love fucking girls up the ass. When they bend over in front of me and that asshole opens up, it’s what makes me get hard the fastest. Sometimes I get rock solid hard when I can see her asshole, even if we’re not doing anal. There was this one time when this I was fucking this girl in her pussy from the back. But her asshole was spreading open every time I went in. So I pulled my dick out and started pressing the tip into her ass. She moaned and moaned, but she didn’t let me put it in all the way. But I was so fucking hard that when I put it back in that pussy, I came in like 5 pumps!

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      Anyway, girls who know how to take it in the butthole really turn me on. It’s something about taking my cock all the way out and seeing that gaping pink hole, then slowly pushing it back in. Feeling that wet hole squeeze my cock inch by inch. Then I’m close enough to her that I feel that really warm sensation on the base of my dick and on my pelvis. Especially if she has a big ass because that ass gives my entire midsection that warm feeling. Don’t even get me started on a big soft ass. That’s for another post later this week. I’m 8 inches of dick so I reach really far into her and when I hit a point that makes her moan really loud. That only makes me harder! There’s also the thought of her giving me her most vulnerable hole. Something about the nastiness of it makes want it more than anything.


      If you’ve never felt it, I’ll try to describe the feeling of anal to you. Besides what I’ve already mentioned, there’s also the feeling that you get around your cock. It’s much different from how pussy feels. Pussy has various treads and ribs that grab and massage your dick, gripping it as you push in and pull out. It’s like a soft wet machine, built to make a man cum. Anal, on the other hand, has no ribs and nothing to rub against you as you thrust. It’s just a long, wet, straight and smooth tube that you’re filling up. You may say: “Who would like that?”, and I would say: “I DO!”. Most times it’s way tighter than her pussy. Also, I can never fit my whole dick inside a chick’s pussy. I always end up touching the “Back wall” and still have have like an inch or two left in the cold air. When I chick let’s me smash her asshole, I can fit whole cock all way in if she takes it like a good girl. I think the butthole is endless and I can go as far as I want without hitting any walls.


      One more thing I love about it: I can cum inside of her with now worries. You haven’t lived until you’ve came inside a tight hole. You know that feeling you get when you’re about to blast off, and you want to keep that same stimulation from sliding in and out to keep going? Instead you have to pull out and finish my hand or something, unless she doesn’t care. I love reaching that point and then burrowing my bone deep inside her while she moans. I can slide in and out while the tip of my head is oversensitive and shooting ropes of cum inside, with no worries! If you’re a chick reading this, these are all the reasons why the guy is always trying to get you to give up that other hole 😉


      I love anal but I’ve only done it a couple of times on camera. Here’s a scene where I tore up this mature lady’s ass if you want to see it. Her asshole is a little loose because of her age, but I still loved ramming it up that butt hole and she took it like a champ. It felt so good to bang that ass.


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