Here is a preview of the updates that I can’t show ANYWHERE else. You won’t see pics or vids advertised or posted anywhere on my website or any other site. Mostly because they are the most embarrassing things Iv’e ever done, or the update is images or videos of women that I are in my personal life and I don’t want them to find out I’ve put them on my website. From super gross women that I’ve banged to photoshoots of hot chicks that have NO idea that they are on my site. Here are my SECRET updates that you ONLY see by Signing Up Now!

Fucking the grossest, disgusting beast in front of her husband. Her husband thought it was a good idea to get me and her on camera. I have to I was extremely nervous banging this SSBBW while her husband films us, but I still fucked her as hard as I can. As soon as I got there she immediately got naked and sucked the hell out of my dick. As I slid my cock in that huge pussy, she said to slow down because my dick was way bigger than her husband’s. I told him I was a little too nervous to cum while he was in the room. Before he left I asked if I could come in his wife. he thought about it for a sec, then said “Sure, go ahead”. When he left, I continued to beat that ass doggystyle until my cock exploded inside her tight wife pussy. There are no pics of vids of this update anywhere except for my members area. This is my secret that no one knows but you, I hope you like it!

Jacky Picture Collection – Jacky is one of those REAL milfs. She has kids my age, but her body is something you can’t deny. She’s a lady I used to work with shortly a long ass time ago. I couldnt say anything to her at the time, but as soon as I quit, I went back to the store and got her number. little did I know, she was a super freak. She takes and sends me photos like this all the time. I’m only going to show them in the member’s area.

Jynx – Hot thick latina model that I’ve shot photoshoots with all the time. LOTS of pics of her soles without her knowing.

Big Booty Angel – Photoshoot with this thick one while her man was in the car. We walked around the house while I tried my best not to focus on her huge BBW Ass. That thing should be the star of the show, and trust me if I shoot with her again, That booty will be front and center.

I came to dope agreement with Brittany. I asked to take pics of the bottom of her feet for my fetish fulfillment. She says it’s ok, but only if I do her maternity pregnant pictures for her. I was like “Sure!”. So after we did these pregnancy pics, She sat on my couch and put her thick mommy soles up in the air for me.

These two are ebony models that never leave each others side. I agreed to shoot with them when I first started photography. They where form-fitting dresses that show off their sexy hips and long brown legs and high heels

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