Latoya My Mature Foot Freak (Pictures)

Model: Latoya

I’ve been fucking with Latoya for a while now but she never lets me record her. She always ends up barefoot and naked when I come over so I pull out my phone and snap pics all the time. She was ok with it as long as I don’t put her face in it. Here’s all the pics I have of this ghetto older chick that loves to show me that ass and pussy

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  1. Demetrius says:

    Im 34, single black man who lives and work in Vegas. I really like your contact. You do similar things I do. Not easy coming across good foot fetish sites. Black foot fetish is harder and not really understood. Im lover of women feet been for years. I get plenty of foot action now. If you looking for a co partner to help with some of the contact on site maybe I can help. I always wantit to start my own foot fetish. But never knew how.

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