(Behind the Scenes) Jade’s Chocolate Ass Gets Fucked Behind The Scenes

Model: Jade

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This is and alternate angle of the other Jade video series. She seductively crawls around the bed and strips down to show off that brown soft country booty. I talk her into letting me oil it up nice and shiny. When I told her that I was super hard from watching her and I wanted to cum, she lets me rub my dick on her juicy ass until I cum. She thinks she’s there for a nude twerk video, but when I started dry humping her with my super hard cock, she was in a trance. I tried my luck and started to poke my dick into that pussy. It let out a loud farting, queefing sound, I’m not sure why. She started yelling about me, saying I better not be trying to make a porno! I calmed her down and got her top of me so I can smash her with no resistance. That tight pussy made me cum so hard. This is a behind the scenes video so the lights and cameras cover up the action some of the time. If you want a clear view of the action from this shoot, look for Jade’s other videos on my website. For most of this vid, she didn’t know the camera was rolling so you get some secret footage of Jade.
Length: 20 minutes
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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