Cum On My Feet, But NO TOUCHING!

Model: Chloe

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I know Chloe was starting to get aggravated and wanted me to leave, but my cock was so hard from looking at her soles. I pulled my dick out and and started rubbing it in front of her. She didn’t say anything so I kept doing it. As I start to jack off, she tells me I can keep going as long as I don’t touch her. I was fine with that, all I needed was her feet in front of my cock. She’s never done anything like this so she’s a bit nervous. As I furiously choked my chicken in front of her, she kept texting on her phone to her friend. We also had a casual conversation about feet like nothing was happening. She found the secret to make me cum fast, though. She started scrunching her toes as if she was squeezing my cock between them. She couldn’t keep her eyes off my face to see my reactions. I think it turned her on every time I made an “I’m about to cum” face and she couldn’t look away. At that point I couldn’t hold it anymore. Those soft soles made me shoot ropes of cum all over them. I guess the softness of them got to me. Loads of cum dripping down her soles may have freaked her out a little, I can tell she hasn’t done anything like this, but I came on her anyway.
Dwayne Powers Members Only


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