College Girl Showing Bottom Of Dirty Feet

Model: Chloe

college-girl-showing-bottom-of-dirty-feetDwayne Powers Members Only

I spotted Chloe while dropping a friend off at their apartment. She was walking back to her apartment barefoot and I had to stop and look. I pulled up to her and persuaded her to let me film the soles of her feet for a project. She says we have to hurry because her roommate was asleep and she didn’t want to be caught with her feet in the air and some random guy filming it. When she put her feet up on the chair, I could see all of the dirt and dust on her feet. She says she loves walking around barefoot all day, and she had done a lot of walking. She asks me in the video if this was really for my personal use or for a website. I lied and said it was personal so she would let me do it. She props her feet up and talks about how what she thinks about men with foot fetishes. If you ever wanted to know what girls feel about it, this is the video to watch. There’s a ton of toe spreading and scrunching of her really soft soles in this vid. She keeps looking around the corner because she doesn’t want to be embarrassed by her roomie. I could tell she was a little creeped out by the whole thing because she kept checking her phone and wondering why I wouldn’t leave. I got as much of her dirty feet as I could while she allowed it.
Length: 7 minutes
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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