Black Man Fucks His Pillow

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I named my pillow Ashley. Every time we go to bed at night, she’s always talking all this trash about how I never fuck her. So much talk about how many girls come home with me and scream into her while I’m banging them. Ashley never gets to be filled with all 8 of my inches like they do so she was mad all the time. One night I came home and she had all the studio lighting set up and pointed at her. When I walked in, she said “Fuck me like one of the girls on your website”. With no hesitation, I grabbed her fluffy pillowcase, folded her in half and plowed my Johnson right into her feathers. I suddenly realized that this was the softest ass I’ve ever fucked. She was running away from the dick like most girls do, so I had to grab her from the bottom and really take it to her. Yes, I’m talking about an actual pillow. I felt like she had enough from that position so I made her get on top and ride me. She took the dick so well from the bottom that I kid you not: I literally lasted 20 seconds in this position. Something about the softness wrapped around my shaft. I pulled her off and my cock launched semen high into the air while she rested her ass on my dick. Don’t download this video and expect another person. It’s just me and my pillow in heavy, romantic deep dicking.
Length: 7 minutes
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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