Black Granny Taking It Up The Booty-Hole (ANAL)

Model: Kay

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(This is an alternate angle of the “Fucking a Mature Ebony Asshole” video) I called Kay back to my apartment after our footjob video because she seemed so eager to do anything with my cock. But this time, I wanted to put it in her. I also wanted to see more of her ass, so I had her bend over and pull her tights down. You get a side shot of her big country soles and shiny, oiled ass. I got up under her and let her straddle me while I pounded my cock between her ass cheeks. When she bent back over, her asshole was looking loose, and I started thinking: I wonder if she would take it up the ass. I started spreading her asshole open and poking my finger into it. Then I asked if she was cool with a little anal play. She pauses and says: “mm-hmm”. Before she could change her mind, I started squeezing my dick through that meat hole. Before long, I was deep stoking far into her tight gripping asshole. She took it hard and deep like a good girl, and this is the only thing that made her moan, she must have really felt this one. When I couldn’t hold my nut anymore, I pulled it out and skeeted all over her booty. She starts twerking it back and forth for me. There’s alot of extra, behind the scenes footage in this vid. As I wash her ass juices off my cock in the other room, you can hear call me “Nasty”. I don’t think she knew the camera was running. If you wanna know what happens when the main camera goes off in real amateur porn, you’ll want to watch this vid!

-Only Available in Members Area-

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