Are You Filming My Feet?

are-you-filming-my-feetare-you-filming-my-feetDwayne Powers Members Only

You’re sitting at the coffee shop when two gigantic older women come and sit in front of you. During their conversation, one takes her shoes off her sweaty feet with no socks after walking around all day. She props them up right in front of you. Her feet and big and wide like she is. They are clueless that you are salivating over her feet while she thinks she’s just relaxing with a friend. Both of them act as you’re not even there while your cock gets harder and harder. It looks like she glances at you every once in awhile, but maybe she’s looking at something else. People walk around the coffee shop like nothing is happening and don’t see you filming the bottom of this innocent woman’s soles. Things are starting to look suspicious as they both pull out their phones. Do they know what you’re doing? You better put your phone away and stop staring before they catch and embarrass you in public!
Length: 9 minutes
Dwayne Powers Members Only

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